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Uzi Buzgalo

Uzi Buzgalo was born in Afula, Israel, and he was the first deaf child in the town. He used drawing as a way to communicate with his family and others. He attended the Jerusalem School for the Deaf from childhood through adolescence.

At the age of 11, Uzi began studying art at the Museum of Israel in Jerusalem. From 1973 to 1975, he studied lithography and sculpture at the Art Museum of Tel-Aviv. After this, he continued studying art in an art residency program, Ein Yod, in Haifa.

In addition, he danced with a professional dance company, Kol Demama (sound-silence) which is internationally known for its Deaf and hearing dancers. They traveled all over the world for years.

Uzi designed and created many different background settings for Kol Demama. His experience in attempting to internalize the beauty of music led to the discovery of his art style, which is a composition of color waves and dots a way of artistically expressing the language of deaf people. His works are represented in collections in Israel, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, and the United States.